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Starting things off

So we’ve been planning to have a blog here on The Pub’s home on the interweb for some time, but today is the magical day when we say, “It’s time to blog about something!” So for our very first blog entry, let’s explore what our grand plans are for this space.

The Pub has been part of the University of Chicago’s social scene for a long time. In the mid-1980s, the owner of another Hyde Park icon, The Medici, took over The Pub. (A full history of The Pub will have to wait for another entry.) Even before Goose Island opened up its brewpub, The Pub began introducing great beer to the UofC community. That’s kind of our thing. We like beer and want to share good beer with other people. We want to be that place where you learn that beer is not just something you chug to get drunk, but something to experience and savor. Along the way, we want to elevate your beer drinking experience, whether you just turned 21, or have been drinking beer for decades. We think knowing even a little bit about what you are drinking will make it more enjoyable. There is artistry in beer, and that artistry, in our opinion, is more accessible and approachable than the artistry of wine.

So in this blog, we will try to provide you with information about beers, about brewers, about anything we can think of that will make your beer drinking experience more knowledgeable and more fun. You can expect blog entries on:

  • Beer Appreciation – In these posts, we’ll talk about how to drink and appreciate beer, meaning we’ll explore different characteristics of beer and the tasting process so that you can understand what’s in your glass
  • Drink All the Beers – in these posts, we’ll look at specific beers and talk about them
  • Beer Passport – each Wednesday we tap a different beer. It might be new or interesting or hard to find. We’ll write about it here. You can drink it on Wednesday at The Pub. Drink 8 out of 10 during a quarter and you can also get a free Pub T-shirt. 10 out 10 and we’ll spot you some glassware.
  • Beer Styles – One of the easiest things to explore in beer is beer style. However, sometimes these are intimidating. We’ll break through the mysteries of styles in these posts. The biggest thing you’ll gain from this is knowing what you like and why you like it.
  • Brewery Series – Every quarter we bring brewers in to pour beer samples and give stuff away. For the blog, we want to explore the brewers that make the beer we drink. Hopefully you’ll learn something interesting.
  • Events and Surprises – We’ll always post information about upcoming events (you can also find information in our “Events” section on the website. We also have a few surprises planned for you.

So that’s where we are going with the blog. We hope you’ll keep coming back. If you have ideas about something you’d like to see, let us know!